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Installing Cables Communication

Installation on a Linux system

In order to build and install cables communication, start with checking out the git tree:

$ git clone

Then, follow the deployment instructions in the GitHub Wiki.


All git tags are signed, so the easiest way to verify git sources is to verify the latest tag:

$ git tag -ln | tail -1
v1.1.1          Release 1.1.1

$ git tag -v v1.1.1
Release 1.1.1
gpg: Signature made Thu 29 Sep 2011 16:36:34 MSD
gpg:                using DSA key 0xFAD16647B37D8D87
gpg: Good signature from "Maxim Kammerer <>"

and then review the differences between that tag and HEAD:

$ git diff v1.1.1...


Bug reports, suggestions, and generic discussion are always welcome.